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Duffy & Ro

Duffy & Ro blend the styles of Modern Country, Americana, and Traditional American Music into a mix of beautiful vocal harmonies and well constructed guitar duets, while bringing new life and a fresh perspective to tunes of yesteryear. Their music is sure to inspire and warm the heart of any listener.


Chris Hanks

Chris writes songs about life. The good and the difficult things that happen to all of us, those life experiences we can all relate to. He loves roadtrips and getting away to see small town America, to see new places and meet people along the way.


Jason Masi

Jason is a DC-based singer-songwriter who performs extensively and has released five full-length studio albums. No matter how big or small the scale, Jason loves connecting with his loyal fans and the vast music community.


Shastina Chiles

Living in Key West and its large music scene, Shastina focuses all of her energy on guitar, voice, songwriting, and performing. She enjoys the solo gigs all over the Florida Keys and opening for large concerts in Key West.



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