How many of your fans carry cash for tips at your shows?

Include an online tip jar on your website, and your fans will be able to donate tips during your live performance, right from their smartphone.

Add a sign to your physical tip jar at your shows letting fans know they have an online option to offer tips. Tell your fans about your website, where they can find more of your music and your online tip jar. They can get on their smartphone, right at their seat, and provide a tip to you via credit card.

We partner with a few online payment services, including PayPal and Venmo. Its easy to setup and even easier for your fans to offer a tip at the click of a button.

Musicians using an online tip jar have found that the tips tend to be higher in value when made by credit card.

How the tip jar is setup:

  1. We review the online tip jar options with you.
  2. You create an account with an online payment service, such as PayPal or Venmo.
  3. We provide the instructions for you to create an online tip jar with PayPal. PayPal provides the embed code to add a Donate button on your website, and a link to that Donate button for use in social media.
  4. A tip jar button is added to your website.

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