A domain name is the headline for your digital brand. It's how your fans and industry music professionals find you online.  As your music career progresses, gaining ownership of all of your brand related domains names matter.  Acquiring and managing a domain portfolio can quickly become complicated and time-consuming.

US1 Digital provides specialized assistance managing your domain portfolio, identifying and acquiring the domain names that represent your name and brand(s), across the relevant 1000+ domain name extensions. We provide monitoring of trademark infringement on the web, along with legal/enforcement services.

Domain Portfolio Management

With a personal touch and commitment to a high level of service, we will always go the extra mile to develop your domain portfolio and keep it in order. Our services include:

  • Domain registrations
  • Domain transfers
  • Domain renewals
  • Portfolio review and consolidation
  • Domain acquisitions from existing owners


Online Brand Protection and Enforcement

  • Monitoring - For trademark infringing domain names, unauthorized use of logotypes, confusingly similar trademark registrations or other important matters.
  • Online domain health check - A full review of all possible infringing domain names and how to enforce your rights in the most targeted and effective way.
  • Domain disputes - Resolve domain disputes with the experience of working in many arbitration forums around the world.
  • Domain buy backs - Avoid costly, time consuming, and public legal proceedings if you want to acquire a domain already owned by a third party.
  • Anti-Phishing actions - Have you discovered a fraudulent email coming from an email address that looks similar to yours? We help you around the clock to resolve it.
  • Social media infringements - Has someone set up an unauthorized page or group on a social media platform? We can help.

Manage and Protect Your Online Brand

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