Lance Wolak

Founder & President
US1 Digital

Lance Wolak is a business management executive and entrepreneurial advisor who has spent the last 20 years building and managing global brands, creating and launching innovative digital media products and services, and driving community engagement.

Lance delivers the needed business skills and resources to rising music artists, for a strong foundation to build their music business:

  • The unique ability to visualize a strong brand and bring it to life, building on a music artist’s unique and authentic qualities
  • The business management framework to transition a music artist's skills into a profitable business
  • An in-depth knowledge of digital technology that can advance a brand, drive its sales, and build customer relationships


Lance is an innovator of digital experiences on desktop and mobile devices. In addition to building US1 Digital, Lance's experience also includes serving as Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer of the internet's domain name registries .COOP, .BUZZ, and .ORG.

His education includes a Master in Management and Strategic Leadership from Michigan State University and a Music Business Certification from Berklee College of Music.


In addition to working with music artists and entrepreneurs, he promotes and develops music districts in local communities, where the local music artists can perform and grow. Lance also enjoys live music events, boating, and spending time with his family.