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Build your brand. Own it. Perform it. Be remembered for it.

Your music identity, vision, and purpose. Why your audience connects with you. That is what makes your brand.
Communicate and reinforce your brand, as the foundation of all that you do. A strong brand will create a long-lasting connection between your music and your fans.


Amp Up Your Website

Amp up your website. Present the experience that is uniquely you.

Your music website must tell your story, bring people into your space and experience your brand. Update your existing website or get started with your first brand-building, music performer website.

Need more gigs? What's your 60 second story? Ready to step up to a stronger presentation of your music and live performances?

It's time to get started with your Music Performer Website.


Launch Your Album

Tell the world about your latest music project. Inspire them.

Deliver a complete music album experience online and to everyone - with a Digital Album Website. Have your album show up online as the complete album package (not just the digital song tracks) - the music, artwork, photos, inspiration, and backstory - creating the appreciation and best motivation to buy and stream your music.

A Digital Album Website puts your music in front of an unlimited number of people to listen to and purchase.

Get started with your Digital Album Website.


Promote and Connect

Activate your social media channels. Share your story.

It's time to utilize the best that social media can offer. Connect with your future customers and future sponsors.

Increase your fan base. Build and reinforce your brand, creating long-lasting fans and connections.

Have us build your social media strategy and start promoting you on social media. Get started with your Online Promoter.

Ready to Get Started?

We'd like to get to know you and your music to be your best advocate.  Contact us, let's get the conversation started. It's time to start building your brand, extending your reach online, and driving the popularity and purchases of your music.


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We listen to the submissions, pick our favorite, and promote it on Facebook.

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