US1 Digital Marketing Services

Brand Platform

More than your name and logo, your brand identifies your uniqueness, your values, and how you connect with your audience. We'll bring you to this new level of clarity in your music identity, vision, and purpose with your brand platform - to guide and focus your communications on the best and unique you.

Mobile and Desktop Websites

Offer your audience digital media experiences that showcase your work and your brand, increase your popularity, and drive purchases. We'll setup and maintain your website and build specialized sites for upcoming releases and major announcements.

Online Promoter

Communicate with strategic value across your social media channels. We pull all the digital levers to make you easily discovered online, to connect with your future customers on social media, community and industry sites, and Google search. We'll equip your followers with the digital tools to share their enthusiasm for your music.

Ready to Get Started?

We'd like to get to know you and your music to be your best advocate.  Contact us, let's get the conversation started and take the first steps toward creating your brand platform, expanding your digital footprint, and driving the popularity and purchases of your music.

About US1 Digital

US1 Digital is a digital marketing agency promoting songwriters, musicians, and their music. We are a team of tech-savvy strategists in brand building and digital media.

The artist websites, social media campaigns, and multimedia album launches we produce showcase more of an artist’s talent and unique brand for their listeners and customers to experience.

Music can make a memorable, lasting impression on a listener. We introduce music artists, their new music, and bring out their hidden talent for the world to experience.

We believe that why we do this is just as important as what we do. Read more about The Music Project >



Submit a link to your song. About once a week we'll listen to the submissions, pick our favorite song, and promote it on Facebook.