Get to know US1 Digital’s Lance Wolak, your business and brand advisor.

Lance Wolak is a business management executive and entrepreneurial advisor who has spent the last 20 years building and managing global brands, creating and launching innovative digital media products and services, and driving community engagement. He delivers the needed business skills and resources to rising music artists, for a strong foundation to build their music business.   READ MORE



"Over the course of thirty years, we've both met and done business with many industry professionals, too numerous to list.  To date, Lance Wolak is the only one who immediately nailed our brand, and was able to communicate it's essence even before we officially spoke for the first time.  He has given us vital input and advice as to our direction, all of which continues to pay off. This is not just a job for Lance, but rather his passion in that he puts his heart and soul into every aspect of his work. He makes our hearts feel good, and will undoubtedly remain a player in our future and success."

- Duffy and Ro

Management Services

Build your music business


Create A Business Development Plan

Paid gigs, livestream shows, recordings, fan merchandise, online tips, etc. can all be activated and properly managed to grow your music business income. US1 Digital's business management framework will help you prioritize your limited resources where it matters most, and provide a method to measure and improve your business performance.


Develop Your Brand

Let's write your story. Your identity, music vision, and intention. We'll identify the unique experience you bring to your audience and create the brand platform guiding your future work. Develop a greater focus on the memorable, fan-building aspects of your performances, with your professional brand as the foundation for your story-telling and your creative work.


Optimize Your Online Promotions

Plan and organize the best social media accounts and naming for your online promotions. Learn how to make the most of your music website and how to drive fan engagement with social media. Learn about the advantages of live streaming, optimal video production, using YouTube, Venmo, PayPal.

Websites and Content Development

Showcase your brand, drive your income, and build lasting fan relationships


Music Artist Websites

Show the world that you are a notable music professional. Promote the experience of your music performances to attract a greater following. Start building your professional brand that can be extended beyond music to merchandise and related products.


Album/EP Showcase Websites

Showcase your Album/EP - the music plus the videos, stories, and merchandise in a dedicated promotional website to generate more sales and direct search engine results. Get a better return on investment from your studio expense.


Music District/Venue Website

US1 Digital partners with local tourism organizations and venue owners to develop their location as a music destination. Get a Music District Website with a live music schedule and a roster of local businesses offering live music.

US1 Digital D.I.Y. Website Store

For those projects you want to do on your own

DIY Domain Registration

Find a domain name that fits your brand perfectly. Buy your new domain name easily at US1 Digital's DIY Store. All products in the DIY Store are available at special pricing and have 24x7 tech support by GoDaddy/WildWest Domains.

DIY WordPress Hosting

Want to build a website on your own? Get a WordPress hosting account. WordPress is one of the most widely used website authoring platforms, with many add-on products and services available to add just about any feature to a website.

Coming Soon: The .music domain name extension

Big news in music industry - .music is coming. Soon you will be able to have your name registered with a domain name exclusive for music (www. yourname .music). Contact us to learn more about this new domain name extension.

Did You Know?

3 Ways to Differentiate Yourself: Artist Identity, Vision, and Intention by Stephen Webber

Money and copyright webinar presented by Jeff Price CEO Founder Audiam; Founder TuneCore

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